He knows fast bowling inside out, so if you want to become a better bowler, I suggest you send your videos to Stuart, he will analyse them and send you back some good, simple technical advice.

Alec Stewart
Director of cricket at Surrey County Cricket Club

I couldn't recommend him highly enough. We worked on so many different things and added so many tricks to my bowling armoury. Anyone out there who is looking to improve their bowling either tactically, technically or even mentally I think hes a great guy to work with.

Sam Curran
England & Surrey County Cricket Club

I couldn't speak highly enough of him. In terms of a technical bowling coach there is definitely not many better out there.

Tom Curran
England & Surrey County Cricket Club

Barnsey was our bowling coach at Somerset. He was there when we won the Royal London One Day Cup. I found him very knowledgeable, his plans which he gave to our bowlers were amazing and worked really well. Most importantly he makes things very enjoyable.

Azhar Ali
Pakistan Test Match Captain

His all round knowledge of bowling with me as an individual but also as part of a team was second to none. I would highly recommend anyone to work with him.

David Payne
Gloucestershire County Cricket Club

I have known Stuart Barnes in a professional capacity for 7 years. I personally scouted and trained him to an elite level which allows him to work with England’s Fast Bowlers at all levels.

He is an outstanding individual and bowling coach, in 2010 he was shortlisted and interviewed for the England Bowling Coach role and he has actively coached on the England Performance Programme and during England Lions Tours. He is an active member on the Elite Fast Bowling & Research Group, which is in place to innovate fast bowling technique and coaching methods.

Kevin Shine
ECB Lead Fast Bowling Coach

Hi, my name is Barney and I’m a left arm fast bowler. I have worked with Stuart Barnes through the Kent fast bowling programme for the last 2 years and he has helped my bowling come on leaps and bounds to where I was 2 years ago. He has helped improve my pace and given me loads of advice on Strength and Conditioning which means now I am fitter and stronger. Stuart is always checking in to see how I am getting on and I would definitely recommend working with Stuart if you get the chance.

Kent Age groups

I’ve been working with Stuart Barnes for the last 2 years. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with him. During this time I have certainly started to understand my bowling technique in greater detail and Stuart has helped me develop my bowling over the last two years. Stuart has helped me out whenever I have needed it, I definitely recommend anyone that wants to work with Stuart not to hesitate.

Jas Singh
Kent Age groups, Bexley Heath CC

I’ve been working hard over the last few weeks to build consistency in line and length. Having not been coached for several years, I wanted to see if my technique was holding me back. I followed Stuart online for a couple of weeks before signing up for his gold package. His analysis was first class. Rather than point out where I was going wrong, he was able to identify potential causes and suggest small fixes to improve pace and consistency. I’ve been working through the drills that Stuart gave me for a couple of weeks, and my action already is tighter, more efficient and I’m bowling the same pace off 3 steps as I was of a 25 yard run up. I only wish I’d found this earlier and worked on these points sooner. I have already recommended Stuart to several people and will continue to do so. It’s not often that you have the opportunity or access to someone of Stuart’s knowledge or talent to support you in training and practice.


Stuart was recommended to me by my coach who felt he would add value to the work we’d been doing due to his experience at the top of the game and his positive approach. He wasn’t wrong!

Stuart identified three things to work on, one of which instantly made a huge difference to my consistency and helped me take net performance onto the square.

His understanding of the game & of the action is unreal. We spoke for an hour as part of his gold package but I could have asked him questions all day long! He draws on a catalogue of experience and supporting video material to support that makes it very easy to understand his advice, but just as importantly gives you huge confidence in what you’re going to work on.

It’s world class coaching for the everyday cricketer, and I’d recommend him to anyone who wants to improve their game.


I have been working with Stuart now for a few months having had him recommended by a friend at my cricket club. I found the process very straight forward and only required a friend to film a few balls at a training session. Stuart was remarkably quick in analysing the footage and he fed back to me over a video call and then a written summary. He identified three key things to work on and they were all explained very clearly and simply. These were not major overhauls of my bowling but areas where I was losing momentum and efficiency that I would never have realised. They were all explained with a visual demonstration and examples of what to do better. Here Stuart was able to draw on his experience working with first-class cricketers and it was brilliant to get access to someone who works with top level players.

I was given a set of drills to help me with my improvement areas and these were also well explained and thought out, along with being simple and able to be performed in an empty net. Stuart has also been in contact with me a few times since our first call to check how I was getting on and if I had any issues or difficulties which I really liked and I found helpful and showed that he was willing to go above and beyond the one call. I also feel that if I have any other issues with my bowling Stuart would be happy to talk through them.

Having focused on the small tweaks and drills my consistency improved and the ball was zipping through to the keeper more. I would recommend him to anyone who wants to work on their bowling and improve their cricket.

Christopher Brownlee

I came across Stuarts profile through a LinkedIn post at the start of summer. After a few of average performances with the ball and not really feeling like I was performing as I should be I decided get in touch with him.

Stuart has been a breathe of fresh air for me. His thoroughness to analyse all the footage I was able to send him and time he spent over facetime with me getting to know my ‘cricketing past’ to better understand what I was trying to achieve was testament to his professionalism. Not only does he have a wealth of knowledge and experience but he is extremely easy to chat too and be open with about goals and issues your having.

He provided me with drills and footage to help me remotely as much as possible and always messages me weekly to see how I’ve been doing, as far as going at looking at my results before we have even. In my opinion this is above and beyond what hi was expecting.

I firmly believes he cares about helping all abilities and isn’t just focussed on elite level sports.

His understanding of what’s needed vs what’s achievable was extremely refreshing and he doesn’t try to over coach me. I look forward to carrying on our work into winter and will hopefully see the continued improvements he has already made in a short space of time.

I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending him to anyone who just wants to improve their game weather they be newcomers or elite level.

Thanks for the help Barnsey.

Jack Hartley

During the peak cricket season 2022, My son's bowling accuracy (line and length) disturbed due to abnormal growth sprout. I was discussing with one of my son's team mate parents about the issue and He instantly recommended to take a session with Stuart for improving his accuracy both from a line and length perspective. Stuart has been a ray of hope for me as we were in the mid of the peak cricket season.

During the first session itself, Stuart identified couple of things to work on and helped to improve accuracy. He also provided drills with video footage to help and always messages weekly to see how he has been doing. He is very proactive in asking video footages of drills to check, if the player is doing right things or not. Apart from this, he also spends time in explaining to other coaches about what he has been working on with a particular player. In my opinion this is above and beyond what i was expecting.

His understanding and approach on coaching is of international coaches standard. It's world class coaching for any cricketer, and I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to improve their game. I firmly believes that he cares about helping all abilities and he isn't just focussed on elite level players.

I look forward continue taking classes for my son for foreseeable future.


I spotted Stuart on instagram, watched / listened to a number of his posts. What he had to say really resonated with me as a keen amateur coach.

I have tracked a number of coaches and experts over the years during my coaching. I have formed some of my own thoughts about fast bowling. Some of which I have observed and some of which I have learned.

I booked my son, George, who is now 19 and who played Age Group cricket with Nottinghamshire, a session with Stuart. The hour was great (we have subsequently had at least one more session) but what really stood out was his interest in George and his willingness to follow up after the session and find out how things were.

In my experience the best coaches are those which don't just pick up faults or sub-optimal technique but spot the things that are good and that don't need changing. Stuart really fits this category. George came out of the session full of confidence and has been implementing some changes that Stuart recommended.

He was always willing to answer one off questions (including some unrelated to the coaching of my son) by message.

I would absolutely recommend people make use of Stuart's expertise, people like him are very few and far between, even at the top level.

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